10 Assumptions We Need To Stop Making About The LGBT Community

By Jessica Golich


  • Homosexuality Is A Personal Choice

Sexual behavior is a choice. Homosexuality is not. Millions of LGBT human beings will tell you firsthand that although incredibly proud of their sexual orientation, they did not wake up out of bed one morning and pick male or female out of a hat pertaining to their sexual preference. The theory of homosexuality as a choice is what drives naive mindsets toward discrimination and gives anti-homosexual conservatives a weapons to maximize in time of social debates.


  • Homosexuality Is A Mental Disorder

Sexual orientation cannot be modified by medication or extensive therapy. Conversion therapy, which is a psychological treatment specifically designed to tamper with an individual’s sexual orientation, is as bogus as the bible and the man in the sky controlling puppets on a string.


  • Homeosexuality Is A Conditioned Response Of Child Abuse

Jumping to the conclusion that there is a developmental stage that influences sexual orientation is common amongst society. Although child abuse causes acute mental and emotional distress that is difficult to rid of throughout an individual’s developing years, it does not cause your sexual desires or lead an individual to be more attracted toward the same sex.


  • There Is A Gay Lifestyle

Being homosexual does not mean that you spend 95% of your free time raging at local gay bars shouting aloud that you’re a gold star. Being homosexual is not a lifestyle; it’s just your sexual orientation.


  • Every Member Of The LGBT Community Is Promiscuous

This bullshit has got to stop. Homosexual individuals are no more likely to be more promiscuous than a heterosexual individual. Having transparency in your sexual disposition connects you with both yourself and another human being and furthers the cultivation of a healthy, fulfilling, strong and satisfying partnership. If we boycott candidly discussing sex and all that it is composed of, it will continue to be frowned upon and deemed taboo.


  • Women Only Seek Out Women After Crummy Experiences With Men

Sexuality is fluid. Some days a human being might fancy Jasmine, and the other they desire Aladdin. The more honorable perspective is to respect the fluidity and feelings of each and every individual.


  • The LGBT Community Hates Heterosexuals.

Actually, it is quite opposite. The LGBT community values equality and promotes radical transformation in the minds of those against the movement in an era of social upheaval. The LGBT community strives to awaken further discussion within human beings, whether heterosexual or homoseexual, who are stuck in bigoted, discriminatory and juvenescence mindsets.


  • LGBT Parents Harm A Child’s Upbringing

The development and psychological upbringing of a child is unrelated to parental sexual orientation. Love, quality of life, and emotional, creative and academic support are necessities within a child’s upbringing, which can be equally provided by homosexual or heterosexual couples.


  • Bisexuality Equates To Homosexuality

Who really cares if it does? Two-faced holy life coaches and gurus leading individuals to prozac addictions while expecting them to set definitions for every aspect of their life can shove all of their cheesy, “inspirational” horse-shit up their saintly asses. You are solely responsible for creating your own meaningful and authentically rich life. And if you are sexually intrigued by both genders, more power to ya.


  • Homosexuals Are Disadvantaged By Discrimination

The world’s population isn’t just becoming more accepting of their queer neighbors, they are becoming more vocal and publicly outspoken toward activating further progression and demanding fair and accurate representation of a diverse array of individuals in the minds of crooked and absolutely ignorant souls. Entertainment industries have been forced to open themselves up to diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The introduction of sweeping civil rights legislation in Congress and the granting of equal marriage to same-sex couples taking place against venomous pushback has been monumental within the LGBT movement and history in general. As historical movements aid in bringing society together and confronting ignorance dead in the face, greater acceptance in the workplace and the lessening of cultural challenges are coming about with full force.