10 Common Sexist Phrases We Need To Stop Saying

By Jessica Golich


“Fight Like A Girl”


This misogynous phrase is proof that sexism is still abundantly alive. This phrase is a great way for a young girl’s self-esteem to drop down below zero before she can cultivate herself into a hero.


“Pussy Whipped”


How romantic. As a human being, you are under your own control and granting that control to another through stating that you’re “pussy whipped”, which is both derogatory and vulgar, showcases that there is not a slight ounce of confidence within your bones.


“Wearing The Pants”


How about we encourage and celebrate each other’s strengths and weaknesses? Where is there a sense of balance and equality? Relationships work best and are healthiest when no one wears the pants.


“Cat Call”


No, my dear, you are referring to street harassment. Shouting obscenities at innocent bystanders is one of the most ancient forms of psychological techniques used to express personal discontent against someone not listening or fulfilling an insecure individual’s expectations. If faint-hearted humans continue to keep their mouth shut and take the non-confrontational elementary route that the harasser expects them to take, the dismissal excuses the behavior and the good for nothing piece of shit has no reason to quit.

“Nice (insert body part)”


Your seemingly innocuous words or actions are laden with latent undertones of objectification and entitlement. A human being’s worth is valued at their ability to adhere to rigid, culturally imposed beauty standards; not a sleazy human being’s expression which subconsciously screams their sexual suppression.


“Man Up”


You ever realize how nobody says woman up? Traits that society has deciphered as “masculine” are promoted within this phrase that inspire the notion of perseverance and grit in the face of strife. How about being vulnerable and choosing to embrace and express how you truly feel in the moment instead?


“Bad Bitch”


Listen, I am not super conservative and understand that this term will not fade away anytime soon. But, let’s take a glance at the definition of the word that is commonly used and heard.


Definition of bitch – The female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals.


Is that what you want your significant other or any human being referring to you by? HONOR and love yourself. This term is not empowering nor is being called a “bad bitch” commendable.


“The Best Man For The Job”


Reasoning as to why for this one is a given. This term is as sexist as they come. Equality in the workplace pertaining to gender is already a massive concern and this term puts the cherry on top.


“Are You On Your Period?”


Regardless if the woman is or is not, this is not excuse or “get out of jail card” for poor behavior or mistreatment. Yes, being on your period sucks and can take you on a hormonal ride, but defaulting to the perception or expression of incompetence is unacceptable.


“Netflix And Chill”


How about a journey through your imagination and mind? A real conversation? Some brunch? Is that asking for too much?