10 Dangerous Myths About Traveling Abroad



People hate Americans

This is an excuse that many Americans use to cripple themselves, their existence and their potential experiences. What gut reaction employs ineffective behaviors and builds walls of barren rationalization? Fear. What heavy-weighted inclination morphs into a driving force that influences an individual to mosey through their lives and starve off the very thing that simultaneously curdles their blood and enlivens them at the deepest core of their being? Fear. Don’t stomp onto another countries grounds with the perception that Anti-Americanism is alive and well. Each and every American traveling overseas is not a representation of the American government; make an effort to connect with another human being outside of your country’s borders

It’s Not Safe

The world is considerably safer than the mainstream media would like an individual to believe. Certainly, caution is a must, and it is important to wholly trust your gut; however, being terrified of every new encounter, place and every stranger you come across only does you a hefty disservice. Painstakingly letting go of over-thinking has the potential to take you toward truly luxuriating in and experiencing all that life has to offer. Diligently adopting a “Don’t Think, Just Do” attitude along with no longer devising a pros and cons chart in your mind before jumping in and experiencing something new can transform and shift the universal view.

You have to speak a foreign language

Although it is certainly highly encouraged, ending up tongue-tied is not a legit excuse to hold you back. It may pose as a frustrating aspect to your trip if you are unable to communicate what you desire within simple everyday encounters such as ordering food, calling a taxi, etc. But, carrying around a language handbook that can serve to guide you within encounters aids with the P’s and Q’s and can get you through.

It’s Expensive

And so is that shiny, massive LED television sitting in your dining room that cost you 75% of your bi-weekly paycheck. All of those nights out on the same town are draining your bank account down when you could be saving your dough to journey outside of your comfort zone. You don’t need a top-notch meal every night and you don’t have to rent out the most prestige hotel in the area. Also, over time, you learn to live, love and enjoy yourself and others with less.

Right now isn’t the best time

Then I would absolutely love to know when the hell the right time will be. Replace fear with courage. Stop hesitating. Refuse to put any and every precious day of your life on hold due to the daze of fear. Embrace uncertainty as your heroic guide through times of upheaval and trepidation. Create space for unconventional perception and extraordinary possibility. Take your life off of cruise control. You will die. The game is over when your buzzer beeps. Get off your lazy ass and ignite your inner badass.

You’ll get sick from the food

In our culture of jazz hands, my biggest beef relates to the petty excuse of convenience (lack of preparation/thinking ahead). You don’t have to gorge out on street tacos and burritos every meal. We need to stop sugar-coating the truth about the food choices that an individual makes. Put a halt to the salt. It does not take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that the food industry has been taken over by crooked motives and unprecedented levels of corporate and political power. Harmful bacteria exists everywhere, and you have to use the same discretion within your food choices in the states.

Solo International Travel Is Never A Good Idea

The best travel companion you can ever have is belief and courage within yourself. Find the capability within yourself to step into another individuals’s shoes and imagine their struggles, complications, feel their hopes, and respect their successes and failures. Keep your gaze fixated on the horizon and you never know what you will encounter, whether you are traveling solo or not.

You Should Always Trust The Locals

This doesn’t mean that you should entirely bypass the perspectives shared with you along the way either. Yes, in some countries, if they “see you coming”, they will take you for all your worth. Be conscious and go by feel to decipher what is real.

Show Up With US Currency And Get It Exchanged When You Arrive

Wrong. Avoid currency exchange places overseas at all costs or you’ll be tossing some of the moolah that you’ve earned away by the unnecessary expense of the exchange. You will still be charged a rate for  exchanging ahead of time, but not nearly as much as what currency exchange desks will charge. Also, contact your card carrier prior to leaving and ensure that they are aware that you are heading overseas so there they can lift potential restrictions.

Every moment will be gratifying

You will not have an entirely smooth ride and that ties into the gratification you will derive from it all. You may encounter harrowing challenges and potentially enormous consequences. You cannot hot potato toss your struggles onto the next individual to steer clear of your bloody discomfort. Exist. Fumble. Fuck up.