15 Greatest Lines From A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Midnight Marauders’

By Jessica Golich

It’s the same for hip-hop heads around the globe. The third studio album released by the legendary Queens hip hop group, ‘’Midnight Marauders’, holds a singular place in my heart as it showcased three men consciously ahead of their time and busting out rhymes containing the remnants of internal emergence weaved into short yet weighty hooks emitting grit and perseverance. Heavy on funk, jazz and soul and dishin’ out a bleeding edge that sends listeners over the edge, some of the sharpest lines of A Tribe Called Quest’s catalog are delivered as Phife, Q-Tip and Ali transcend the mundane in the game and address topics that are foreign terrain. Over landmark tracks such as “Electric Relaxation”, “Award Show”, and “8 Million Stories”, A Tribe Called Quest are deep within their glory. On the 23rd anniversary of ‘Midnight Marauders’, here are 15 of the greatest verses from the 1993 release that keeps listeners hooked on the edge of their seat.


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  1. “Went to Carvel to get a milkshake.

This honey ripped me off for all my loot cakes.”

Song – “Eight Million Stories”


  1. “As for me, I’m a nocturnal animal, God concentrates.

On a young black man who makes the niggas speakers shake”

Song – “Midnight”


  1. “I be ingredients, like sugar in candy.

If your life is broke, girl, I’ll be your handy-dandy.”

Song – “The Chase, Part II”


  1. “Goin’ on and onto the rhythmic variation

Wakin’ in the morning, I still represent the nation

When I speak of nation, please don’t make the deviation.”

Song – “Lyrics to Go”


  1. “The poems that I create ain’t in paper back books

The poems that I create are for the hookers and the crooks”

Song – “Hot Sex”


  1. “Lyrics are abundant ‘cause we got it by the mass

Egos are all idle ‘cause the music is the task.”

Song – “Steve Biko” (Stir It Up)


  1. “You just wanna dance man, then clap your hands

If you wanna venture up the wrong road, then the circumstance will be crucial

I’ve got hundreds of rhymes that’ll suit ya.”

Song – “Clap Your Hands”


  1. “A Tribe Called Quest. We on the run for whatever trials and tribulations that we have to endeavor.”

Song – “Lyrics to Go”


  1. “Six foot zero with my height, complexion cocoa

Representin’ on the mic, it seems to be my daily

I can do a split and turn around like Alvin Ailey”

Song – “Lyrics to Go”


  1. “You’re not any less of a man if you don’t pull the trigger.

You’re not necessarily a man, if you do”

Song – “Sucka Nigga”


  1. “Honey, check it out, you got me mesmerized.

With your black hair and fat-ass thighs”

Song – “Electric Relaxation”


  1. “I’m up in the gulley, that’s when I am her buddy.

She told me pull her hair, I did it, it drove her nutty.”

Song – “Keep It Rollin’”


  1. “I’m not your average MC with the Joe Schmoe flow.

If you don’t know me by now, you’ll never know.”

Song – “We Can Get Down”


  1. “Aries is my sign, I know that I can rhyme

Sometimes I rhyme in riddles, plus I make the honeys wiggle”

Song – “God Lives Through”


  1. “See, lyrically, I’m Mario Andretti on the MoMo

Ludicrously speedy, or infectious with the slow-mo

Heard me in the eighties, J.B’s on the Promo”

Song – “Award Tour”