8 Harmful Examples of The Media Spreading Racial Discrimination

By Jessica Golich

Our society has made progress in dealing with racial discrimination, but inequality and injustice in the media is an often overlooked terrain that indeed still remains.


  1. After the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in January of 2015, The Daily Beast’s, Dana Kennedy, wrote a headline that is a blatantly opinionated statement implying that the Muslim citizens of Paris blamed the Jews for the attacks.



2. Thai Commercial for Snowz, a skin whitening product, that ends with a tagline of that states, “Just being white is enough to make you win”, was pulled down from Youtube after an uproar of comments.



3. This photo which showcases a National Campaign launched by Intel in 2007 pretty much speaks for itself although Intel claimed zero ill intentions.



4. Volkswagen Polo showcased an Arab American attempting to be a suicide bomber at the scene of a jam-packed restaurant. The car is subliminally advertised as being too powerful the bomb, but the underlying message is severely racist.



5. Sony immediately took down their outdoor campaign in the Netherlands in 2006 which promoted the release of it’s PSP handheld gaming device which appears to have an underlying message of it’s own.



6. PepsiCo lined up five African American human beings and a goat as suspects for a battered woman on crutches in their 2013 Mountain Dew commercial.



7. Great work, Gap. Way to encourage the mentality of racial dominance within the youth throughout your 2016 GapKids campaign.



8. Can’t beat a young woman stuffing an African American male into a washing machine to morph him into pale-skinned Asian. Props to Qiaobi detergent’s 2016 commercial.