A Pipeline and Battle of Corporate Greed.

Written by Jessica Golich

If you haven’t been paying attention to the protests against it, now is the time to do so. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which is a 1,170 mile pipeline that would deliver up to 570,000 barrels of Bakken crude oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois is a 3.7 billion dollar potential investment toward pure corporate greed that will put the water and lives of millions of human beings at risk amongst the burgeoning of man-made climate change. The project has secured nearly all of the permits, federal and state, that it needs to move forward which showcases that the genocide of indigenous people is still continuing today and that our rotten US Government is breaking their own treaty with individuals on their own land.

Over the past few months, thousands of protesters that have flown in from around the world, including Native Americans from more than 100 tribes across the United States, have made the choice to raise their voice in North Dakota to help the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe block the Dakota Access Pipeline from being brought to life and serving as a means of treacherous strife. Initially, a small and fierce protest camp began in April 2016, which now has morphed into an encampment with thousands of human beings ruthlessly attacking corporate greed. Dakota Access crews have begun bulldozing away which has lead to violent and downright ludicrous confrontation between passionate protesters, police officers and security guards. The cultural and historic value is being unfairly undermined as money hungry corporations and the government are seeking to profit off of natural resources on or near tribal lands. The Standing Rock Sioux, a Native group whose main source of drinking water will be dispassionately crossed multiple times by the pipeline, filed a lawsuit to block construction and have yet to reach a resolution pertaining to the legal aspect of this inhumane act of malice which has been routinely delayed for further review by the judicial system and federal agencies. Standing Rock youth launched a petition by the name of Rezpect our Water, in which they traversed through a 500-mile relay run to Washington, DC to deliver a petition of 160,000 signatures in which The Army Corps of Engineers signed off to halt construction in July.


Standing Rock is a symbolic national and worldly treasure far beyond the confines of North Dakota. The sacred resting places and grounds of the native groups ancestors is being morphed into hollow ground that is far from being held as sacred or sound. Keeping the economic system in mind, the reality is that human beings are born into the mentality that our earth’s precious resources are limitless, but they are certainly not. This has not been a peaceful protest by any means and any accusations insinuating as such are false. Human beings have been pepper-sprayed, jailed, verbally and physically violated and emotionally harmed from standing their ground by construction crews who have protestors intentions entirely misconstrued. Society has grown tired of federal intervention and citizen engagement with resistance toward the American Government has increased as the greedy beast within the the government’s intentions continues to be candidly released. The pipeline protestors are fighting for all of us against the 1% and corporate greed. Adding your voice to the chorus or taking action by protesting sheds light upon the coarseness within the hearts of baneful corporate imbeciles resisting real danger while seeking an increasement in their wallets and the bottom line aka corporeal profit. This is a true fight against oppression abounding with almighty humane lessons.