Art Matters

By Jessica Golich

Parents all over the world either condemn or condone it. Uneducated vandals slathering public walls with crude slogans have influenced indisposed parents to foolishly instruct their children to be “practical” and belittle their child’s artistic devotion because they subconsciously solely view art as material or visual. Art is generally distinguished as an activity serving an aesthetic or communicative purpose that extracts an emotion, standpoint, thought or individual perception. Although the meaning of art continues to be debated, I personally perceive art as a boundless and fundamental necessity to learning. Art changes lives. Art greases the wheels for the acquisition of an array of capabilities and nourishes an appreciation for diversity amongst humanity. Art is far more than a feast for the eyes or a visual composition – Art is a thinking process. There is room for trial. There is no error in art. Art tears down a human being’s carefully constructed walls.

Art is messy. Art is vital. Art pushes boundaries.

From the days of creating farm animals out of play dough to using objects from nature with a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures, human beings have created cunningly innovative contributions to society and the world through art. Art provides an opportunity for children to make a distinctive statement about their individuality through expressing delight, joy, and pleasure from the completion of translating an array of open-ended ideas into a manipulated piece of clay. Exposure to the arts in classrooms with children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds influences the possibility of academic achievement, social and emotional development, public engagement, and
unprejudiced opportunity through self-expression. Activities such as a seemingly mundane exploration of yarn aids in the development of a child’s cognitive, social, and motor abilities. Fostering the development of children’s aesthetic capacity and powerfully engaging the youth in creative experiences and expression encourages a child to gain confidence through making decisions and conducting self-evaluations through the art they have created. And last but certainly not least, enjoying the deeper forms of beauty while preparing an individual to be a citizen in society maximizes the child’s ability to create an array of artistic representations for social engagement and political motives. Art interferes and shapes an individuals abstract and ever-changing appreciation of life by presenting the intricacy of one’s social existence and accentuating an individuals senses. Human beings are evolving canvas who collect experiences that draw power and induce the inclination to alter their canvas and broaden their life experience. Human beings are influencers of art. Human beings bring order to chaos or chaos to order through engaging with their surroundings and experiencing their own existence through delivering natural expression. Creativity along with a voluminous imagination can transform practically anything into art or means to create art.

Art gives meaning. Art is indispensable. Art provokes thought.

I live through the wonderment of an artist’s mind. I do not have a predefined path of thought. I am moved by the complexity in the thick of intense and imaginative thoughts that stream through my mind. I exist in a dynamic psychological space in which my inner and outer world interact and influence me to pull on the strings of my experiences to create raw depictions of my struggle and endurance with quiet and at times roaring grace. I capture life in words and move emotions from gut to page through jumps in thought that stir the imaginative capacity of a child inside of me while seeking accidental discovery. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking suffer through bouts of melancholy, but pieces come together and take shape through the practice of dispelling the tornadoes I create in the ever-changing organ contained in my skull and turning my self-inflicted pain into art. Art of any kind – communication, dance, murals, writing, intimacy – is a medium for expression which seeds radical depictions in the pavement cracks of culture. Art is eternally a vehicle for thought to be expressed. The ability to engineer culture through art is life-changing. In our desire to face a world that is not in good shape, the bloody beauty and discovery of art through the examination of catharsis is indeed necessary.

Kill hesitation. Express yourself. Your art is so fucking important.