Beyond The Headlines – by Socrates Redux

By Socrates Redux

Welcome readers to the first in what I hope will be a series of posts “Beyond The Headlines”. The intention is not only to examine newsworthy events, but also to explore feelings, emotions, relationships, God’s existence(?) and even our earthly purpose. The reader has free reign to choose relevant topics. However, the only rule that I will emphatically enforce is that this will be a “NO ANGER, NO HATE ZONE”. It is not intended for the narrow minded who have closed minds seeking to bludgeon people with uninformed opinions. Rather, I desire an honest exchange of ideas, objectively discussed. I might be naïve, but I believe that there is a place for rational, intelligent knowledgeable, conversation by people who want to have a deeper understanding of the human condition. Send me the open minded, seeking knowledge and understanding through a free, unbiased exchange of ideas. Send me all who are rational, and original thinkers. Send me those who want to challenge the norm, the sound bites and clichés, not to destroy and tear down, but to understand. Send me those who are willing to delve into uncomfortable topics, to come away with a newer, deeper understanding, yet still being able to disagree. Send me those who yearn to go “Beyond The Headlines”!!!