Don’t Interrupt Her Greatness

By Chris Digirolamo

We’re always taught to walk away from any situation or person that isn’t adding value to our lives… but what happens when the tables are turned and you meet a woman who’s well put together and the ideal girl. Are you going to compliment her well or are you just another guy who isn’t really ready to add value to her life? I thought these things over as I stumbled upon this quote:

“If you see a woman that has everything going for herself and you’re not ready to add value to her life, just admire her from afar. Please don’t interrupt her greatness.”

It’s a profound quote that provokes the thoughts one should ask themselves when they’ve encountered a good woman in their life but they are not currently ready to play the role of the type of man that she deserves at the moment. It’s not an easy truth to realize that at this particular moment in time you might not be fit to be the man she deserves. Regardless of how much you may desire to have a chance with her, sometimes the best thing to do is to just want the best for someone else.

Being honest with oneself is important. If you know you’re not emotionally available or in a proper position to be the man she deserves, it’s probably best to take yourself out of the equation. Don’t ruin her for another potential guy in the future who has actual intention to be there for her. Don’t take what I’m implying out of context… each situation calls for different measures. I’m not saying every encounter with a woman has to strictly lead to a relationship or dating. I’m just saying you should be upfront with your intentions and honest with yourself. Are you going to be an asset to her life or a burden? If you’re not interested in commitment or relationships, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t bother a woman who is interested in something long-term or lead on a girl who you know wants something lasting when you clearly know your intentions with her are just casual. If you met a woman who’s seeking something deeper and you can’t live up to those conditions and expectations don’t waste her time. Let her have a chance to find someone real, a man who’s going to step up to the plate and be more than a casual surface level hook up. It’s not worth leaving someone damaged at the sake of your own pleasure.