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What is Wall Street Sponge?

Wall Street Sponge is a website dedicated to the general understanding as well as the eternal seeking of knowledge, particularly in the world of finance. As of Sunday, September 6th, 2015, WallStreetSponge.com has been visited exactly 1,903 times by 309 unique visitors. What separates us from the many different websites across the entire World Wide Web is that we promise to never display intrusive advertisements or pop-up ads AND will never ask or solicit donations from our users and visitors.

Why are there no advertisements?

One of the main problems regarding a non-profit organization or an independent newsletter is the dependence of capital from either for-profit corporations or a private donor in order to meet basic maintenance needs (electric bills, web hosting, legal fees, etc.) to continue its current operations. These donations, although extremely generous, might result in a potential conflict of interest (see Arthur Anderson/Enron scandal or James Reynolds) between the non-profit organization and its financial supporter(s). To minimize the risk of potential conflicts between advertising parties and potential sponsors, our writers and editors have decided to do the unthinkable: refuse any and all types of advertisement.

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