Fear Is a Choice

Written by Jessica Golich

Fear. The 4 letter word that has the ability to ruin your life. The debilitating, insidious emotion that creates paralyzing, self-imposed chains that holds individuals back from achieving their dreams. What sabotages a human being’s desire? Fear. What gut reaction employs ineffective behaviors and builds walls of barren rationalization? Fear. What heavy-weighted inclination morphs into a driving force that influences an individual to mosey through their lives and starve off the very thing that simultaneously curdles their blood and enlivens them at the deepest core of their being?


Fear is the killer. The neat fences that box in play-it-safers are trapping the minds of brilliant individuals and emerging voices that are stifled and rooted in belief systems that are crippling their individual existence along with the lives of individuals that long for their greatness. For crying out loud, turn on the fucking nightly news; according to the pig-headed Fox News crew, everything sucks. Everything. Every hobo in clown makeup is God or another healthy helping of bullshit is served to terrorize viewers all over the country. Without slight doubt, the Middle East has rubbed eyeballs with a considerably lengthy and simmering showcase of maddened religious and tribal enmity, but the media dramatizes and feeds tidbits of trivial matters that lead the herd to create belief systems tied to fear pertaining to the immediate world around them. The current tensions, despair and mayhem that the world is encountering are messy, torturesome, agonizing and real. For example, lead is a potent neurotoxin that affects behavior and IQ. The green light from our fiscally responsible elected officials to draw tap water with five times as high as the level of concern and twice as high as the EPA’s generous guidelines through corroded pipes absorbing lead from a repulsive dumping ground for car parts has poisoned adults and a generation of children in Flint, Michigan at an irreversible cellular level. Unaccountable “elites” and elected officials sat pretty with their lifetime healthcare and ignited the latest example of a destitute system of neoliberal bureaucracy in April of 2014 when they made the conscious decision to draw water from the Flint River in attempt to save dough under a financial emergency in the midst of the installation of a pipeline to Lake Huron. Governor Rick Snyder and his republican colleagues have directly inflicted terror into the minds of Flint residents and individuals on a national level. Rick Snyder has directly inflicted fear into the lives of Flint business owners that slave away days of their lives to put food on the table for their children. Yes, we live in an unpredictable world. Yes, the daily lives of the residents of Flint currently revolve around tiresome fear. Yes, the city of Flint is bankrupt fiscally, and the communal poverty and moral bankruptcy that the city of Flint, Michigan is currently encountering is far more concerning, but what are the residents of Flint, Michigan currently actively seeking and taking action toward? Change. The individuals of Flint, Michigan are navigating through the twists and turns of life that require valiant change. Regardless of the level of fear that an individual creates pertaining to the very circumstance that is bringing their life to a screeching halt, the uncertainty ahead is never too much to bear. Emotional tornadoes feeding the fear of embarrassment or inadequacy are stopping individuals in their tracks on the edge of exceptional glory. The arch nemesis that shocks an individuals system with panic and doom must be confronted head on. You will encounter harrowing pain and potentially enormous consequences. You cannot hot potato toss your pain onto the next individual to steer clear of your bloody discomfort. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.


I am endlessly astonished by human ingenuity. I am fortunate to have discovered my ability to elevate the murkiest disarray into words that string together and activate the process of identity. I endlessly look forward to being challenged by experiences far unseen. I muse upon the fragrant intoxication of foreign terrain orbiting my brain and I feel a smile spread across my face. The mere thought of setting an intention to act and participate in cultural exchange amongst assimilating with the rhythm and characteristics of the unfamiliar ignites a collection of human emotions that relax and pull my shoulder blades down my back. I fondly anticipate long days of delight, deep conversations under the lingering midnight sun and the energetic pulse of the unknown. I have no idea what I will encounter. I have replaced fear with courage. I have stopped hesitating. I refuse to put any and every precious day of my life on hold due to the daze of fear. I do not blissfully ignore or cherry-pick what I choose to face in life. Although I do have a mighty high tolerance for disorder and dismay, I boldly state that I have grown exponentially through life’s storms. Fear is my greatest motivational tool. I embrace fear as my heroic guide through times of upheaval and trepidation. I share my unique medicine through the development of versatility which has led to broadened borders leading to life-enhancing experiences and influential exposure. I have created space for unconventional perception and extraordinary possibility. I am bloody yet unbowed.

Do what you fear the most. Fail. Fuck up. Learn. Do not slam the door on the wisest teacher on Earth. Now more than ever, the world craves your message. Fuck fear. Discover and share your superpower with the world.