In retrospect, how bad is Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest?

By Chris Digirolamo

I can’t begin to fathom how Colin Kaepernick exercising his constitutional right by refusing to stand during the national anthem is affecting anyone. People complain about Black Lives Matter protesters being violent with their protest but Colin is protesting silently — no violence, but still, everyone’s losing their mind. The same overly patriotic people offended by his protesting against the flag, even going as far to want him penalized for it, are very un-American like and forgetting that the same people who fought for his right to stand also fought for his right to sit. If someone feels it’s disrespectful, that’s on them, but this is exactly the reason why people fight for this country in the first place. It’s for freedom, which includes the freedom to sit down. Some people have even gone as far as burning his jersey. I find it ironic how outraged people get by someone standing up against an injustice in America, yet they are silent when great injustice are committed by other NFL stars. Where are the infuriated fans burning Ray Rice’s jersey when he was caught on camera physically assaulting his fiancee or the incense when Tyreek Hill pleaded guilty to punching his pregnant girlfriend? I also have yet to see a single person burning one of the forty-four jerseys worn by the NFL players who have been accused of rape.

Colin Kaepernick is spreading awareness to an underlining issue in America and has every right to do so. The fact that people are freaking out over other stars that follow in his footsteps is ridiculous. I much rather see Black Lives Matter protesters protesting in this manner than previous events like shooting cops and with all the violence going on in the world, why even complain about this? If you feel disrespected that they won’t stand for an anthem, put yourself in their shoes and imagine being disrespected everyday by the people that are supposedly there to protect you. If you’re only offended by someone “disrespecting your anthem” which you believe means disrespecting the country, then you should feel even more offended by the police brutality and all the unjust murders of innocent lives that’ve taken place. With all the injustices going on in this country, you should ask yourself why something that isn’t directly harming you or anyone affects you so much. The beauty of the 1st Amendment is that protects everyone equally, even those we disagree with or find offensive, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.