Let Your Mind Wander

Written by Jessica Golich

On any given day in a human being’s life, a vigorous bombard of distractions, notifications, and constant self-proclaimed demands absorb an individual’s attention and deter the mind from wandering deep inside. As human beings are subconsciously choosing to be pushed and pulled in every direction akin to their minds being drawn and quartered, blocking out the world and slipping into a deep sense of mental meandering beyond the chattering is what I equate to mastering and rising above societal mental manufacturing.

As you mindlessly or mindfully read these sentences that I have spun together, your mind will almost certainly wander at least once, just as mine is drifting as I decide how to best phrase these words so that they simultaneously hold both your attention and mine. From a universal present day perspective, mind-wandering to tied to counterproductiveness and has been pinned on the tale of the dysfunctional donkey because it compromises an individual’s performance within physical activities. However, beyond the blue-collar mentality, allowing your brain to enter this state of lucid exploration without intention aids in bringing to life creative solutions and ridding of societal mental pollution. Flashes of insight and shocks of enlightenment ignite through allowing the mind to wander through a multitude of free-flowing ideas and emotions, which are all funnelled through our unconscious mind. Spending significant time observing your imagination station through simply staring out the window and allowing your mind to wander is not a sign of mental laziness or haziness; it is an essential part of how the brain spins its wheels and human beings are able to derive and sit within all of the momentous feels. The more an individual searches inside themselves, the more they become open to the ambiguities of life while placing themselves in a position to experience new and novel creations and work through ideas while bringing to life how they can be used to brighten up their inner hue. Deep within, nestled amongst all of the chaos, is the birthplace of creativity.


I create and comprehend complex, abstract questions and ideas about the differentiated aspects of being through mental wandering and extracting all of the clinking and clattering.I have worked diligently on my own self-awareness through choosing to participate in years of attending to my own psychological development in conjunction with the metabolization of my life experiences. I explicitly observe my present personal narration and apply the respective means of psychological sterilization to erase the conditioning of western civilization. I win big due to the fact that I devote undivided attention to the seemingly small moments and experiences in the present moment which are beginning to build a collection of monumental life tales and a far broader bigger picture.

Choose to gift yourself with a moment or amount of time to remain idle. Your mind does not shut down the moment that you allow it to go idle; the mind instead seeks and finds a point of relaxation that is crucial to the creative process and historically highly-sought out by some of the greatest minds of all time. Indulge in the pleasure of simply doing nothing. We are not meant to find the collective and individual utopia, as human beings are far too complex as a species and as individuals; your mind is wired to wander. A period of mental incubation hatches your creative eggs and allows you to live beyond the self-inflicted conditioning within your head. Get angry. Cry. Be confused. Be depressed. You are human, and you will smile again when you choose to take a moment to leap out of your head or nine-to-five cubicle and into the silence of your heart. Flow clean with passion akin to fresh water. Wandering is rooted in genius. Allow your dreams to dance in your imagination. You are meant to explore. You are meant to recall. You are meant to make sense of experience. You are meant to make sense of life.

“Not looking for something is the best way to look for it” – Himanshu Chhabra