Not Just a Pretty Face

Written by Jessica Golich

Beauty without a brain is nothing but a hollow, shallow shell masquerading the streets with half-baked tricks and sleazy good-for-nothing treats. Traditional images and ideas unwisely celebrated by the dominant culture attributes majority of the visual world to the complex workings of the eye. Crooked media villains shove the so-called rules of society down children’s throats and pressure the naive goblins to understand themselves as “sexy” prior to understanding themselves as intellectual and worthy. The irregular motions and aimless course brought upon by riches, fame, fortune and physical beauty are all similar to floating clouds; fluttering and drifting. Turn on the dreary television, drive down the street, go to the fucking grocery store; you are fenced in with advertisements connected to outward beauty and appearance. Take a fair and square look at the entertainment industry these days; What the flying fuck do the Kardashian bimbos contribute to humanity other than visual trickery that provides a sixteen year-old with a wet dream and delusional fairytale?

Our culture is under the crippling belief that physical beauty and getting laid is a rite of passage that makes an individual significantly important and admirable. We live in a world that perceives a bottle of champagne as a worthy trophy and a compelling book as a lackluster object. Individuals all over the world seek out fleeting, make-believe validation by taking home brainless individual’s walking around Lala land with nothing to fork over but a bottle in hand and an impulsive fling. To each their own, and don’t get me wrong – sultry primal-urge-driven experiences carry a red-hot and addictive appeal, but what happens after the sexual object leaves at three in the morning and you are left to rot in your self-induced misery? Newsflash, empty-headed lovers; the self-appointed validation quickly fades away and the feelings of unworthiness and self-loathing multiply. I perceive engaging in spontaneous sexual interaction with tiny waist and porcelain-faced lovers “skilled” in the bedroom in conjunction with the lack of sensible ability to engage in philosophical conversation similar to engulfing myself in flames and burning the fuck alive. Physical beauty without brains is similar to a car without gas fifty miles away from the nearest gas station in the blazing heat of the Sahara Desert; good for absolutely nothing and painfully lifeless.

I marvel at the magnificence of the human brain. The astronomical diversity in our world provides a plethora of opportunity for sustainable individual development and the exploration of one’s colossal construction of fascinating ideas. Conversation is the sexiest and most arousing foreplay. A steamy debate makes my heart race and my palms sweat. Artistically detailed and deliciously delivered erudition feeds my brain and serves as the fiery exchange that gets me heated. An atypical level of depth and an individuals uncommon courage to take their ingenious curiosity by the horn is stimulation which serves my mind and transmits to my body. Soak like a marinade in my mind and dampen my intellectual taste buds. Tell me all about your standout quirks, wounds that you have transformed into wisdom, foreign characteristics, nagging ticks, distressing insecurities and unique talents that have aided in the development of your self-confidence and appreciation of your luxuriant self. Tap into my radiant sexual energy without physical contact and lure me in with your thought-provoking essence. Teach me. Stare passionately into my eyes and bathe in the exhilaration of silence. Adore my thoughts and dig beneath layers of linen and take a walk through my deeply woven inner landscape. Make me weak in the knees by openly sharing provocative thoughts and spilling your mortifying beans. Show me your cleverly cultivated wit and cunningly engaging sense of humor. Add salt to my open wounds. Make me wet by challenging me intellectually. Turn. Me. On.


Sexual attraction is certainly not connected to hitting the almighty G-spot or getting a lewd, lustful fix; it is about revealing the most valuable and vulnerable parts of our precious human bodies to an individual who is already well-informed of the most emotionally naked and excruciatingly vulnerable aspects of our lives. Sit close in front of a mirror and look deeply into the mirror’s reflection of your own eyes and ask yourself what remains when the physical beauty fades away.

Tough pill to swallow? I’ll leave you to ponder.