Purge The Republican Party – Beyond The Headlines – Socrates Redux

The Republican Party Must Be Purged! The party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower is being obliterated before our very eyes. In order to present the American people with a viable political option, the Party must suppress the Tea Party inflexibles, obdurate religious extremists, obstinate ultra right wing conservatives as well as out and out racists and remand them to the outermost fringes of the Party. Republicans cannot afford to be associated with the likes of Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Howard Cain and, of course, the current “National Disgrace”. Are these the people who should expound Republican values and positions? In fact, if the Democrats had even a moderately stronger candidate, there wouldn’t be an election, there would be a coronation.
Indeed, to prevent political extinction, the Republicans need to present thoughtful, insightful, articulate, reasonable individuals that can welcome minorities and women of all stripes into the Party tent. Stop talking about cutting or eliminating Social Security and Medicare. Unveil a less complicated alternative to “Obamacare”. Stop talking only about cutting programs which many people interpret as a negative message that lacks compassion and articulate a positive message. Is the Republican Party so bereft of dynamic activists that can present a coherent conservative message that is appealing to minorities and women? And yes, move the Party closer to the middle.
As presently constituted, the Party cannot win a national election. The REPUBLICAN PARTY MUST BE PURGED, or they will undoubtedly deserve to share the same fate as the Federalists and Whigs!