Power 100

*Due to the inevitable rise of interest rates in either September or (more likely) December of 2015, we have changed our algorithm regarding our recommendations.

Instead of showing the top 100:

  • 64 High-Growth Stocks (Sponge 64)
  • 8 Hottest IPOs
  • 8 High-Quality Dividends (Moderate Risk)
  • 4 CyberSecurity Stocks and our… Sweet Sixteen:
  • 8 High-Yield/High-Risk (Elite 8)
  • 8 Low-Risk, Moderate Dividends (blue chip stocks)
  • We’ve changed our investment strategy in order to provide you with a more conservative, diverse list of securities in order to adjust to the upcoming changes in interest rates. You might also notice that we’ve changed our investing style from an aggressive, high-risk/high reward strategy in order to adopt a more savvy, risk-free approach that focuses on long-term capital gains. The new power rankings go into effect on Saturday, September 12th, 2015 and will include the following:

    The NEW Power 100
  • 64 Highly Undervalued Stocks (The New Sponge 64)
  • 8 High-Growth Stocks (Elite Eight)
  • 8 High-Quality Munis (Local 8)
  • 4 Undervalued IPOs (Moderate Risk)
  • 8 Stocks Currently Trading Under $8 (848)
  • 8 Very High-Yield/Dividend Captures (Risky 8*NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS*