Sex Is Art.

Sex. It’s everywhere. It’s on my mind. It’s on your mind. Get over it.

In a pigeon-hearted society where delusive misconceptions have individuals scared stiff and casually talking about the weather, dishonorable politicians, jaw-dropping destitution, turbulence, malignant influences, and global warming until they’re blue in the face, the expressions of discomfort, disinterest and reluctance are visible when an individual brings up the almighty subject of sex.

Historically, the house of prayer has led many vulnerable disciples toward crooked beliefs behind the birds and the bees. As a result, countless deceptive preachers with lusty eyes and people-pleasing lies have distorted individuals perspectives of sex and deadened wholesome sexual standards. Due to religious indoctrination and societal judgements, sex and shame are intrinsically entwined. Brass tacks about sexual education are timidly delivered in such white-coat, poker-faced fashion that it has led sitting ducks to the fear of consequences, shackling their self-worth to their sexuality, avoidance mentalities and the destructive fear of intimacy.


A compelling phenomenon is taking hold in our society – we have sure as hell failed to recognize, think highly of and educate individuals about the important components of sex and creating a healthy, mature sexual relationship. It is imperative to have healthy sex habits and education behind the dangers of STD’s, respecting your body, etc. The mainstream media portrays sex as a dirty and sinful act that is performed as means to attain social status and contentment in life. Advertisements use sexual innuendoes to sell an assortment of products that induce self-hate and reframe susceptible minds into destructive operating systems driven toward one-night stand mentalities which are crushing the multifaceted art of sex. The insecurities and frequent unknown around raw, passionate intimacy have created a sexual perceptual catastrophe along with societal acceptance of the injection of wretched parasites into the brains of “pimps” and “hoes” who hastily claw at brainless Barbie dolls and sugar daddies all over the globe.

Sex is art. When I thoughtfully think about sex, I think about all of the supplementary and enchanting aspects that typically get swept under the rug. I marvel at the miracle of the intermingling of two human beings. I think of the ardent atmospheric space driven by hormones and brain chemicals. I take pleasure in the naked truth that I have diligently worked at building a connection and emotional foundation with another human being to such extent that I and another are enduringly creating sensation on a myriad of levels in the midst of willing to receive and give pleasure.

The more society scolds an individual for confidently claiming and empowering their sexual nature, the more significant and detrimental changes pertaining to healthy sexual nature will become. Avoiding the topic or treating it as a peripheral part of our intricate lives denies individuals of a critical part of the human experience. Your asinine judgement does not make you “the chosen one” or a more desirable human being. Your skittish self-doubt has made you a spineless prisoner, while another individual’s equanimity and accountability has boldly set them free.

I am positively a deeply sexual being. I mightily embrace my sensual feminine nature and through doing so, I am living life as an all-embracing and embodied woman. I own that I am in charge of my experiences and unapologetically assert myself in all areas of my life. I place a premium value upon my treasures and immodestly declare that they must be earned. I express the varying degrees of sensuality that I have acquired through unlimited creativity and personal empowerment. My sexual vitality is powerful and vividly glows beyond bedroom walls.

Having transparency in your sexual disposition greases the wheels of your connection with both yourself and another human being and furthers the cultivation of a healthy, fulfilling, strong and satisfying partnership. If we boycott candidly discussing sex and all that it is composed of, it will continue to be frowned upon and deemed taboo. So, here I am, urging individuals to step outside of their deplorable sexual comfort zone and shamelessly celebrate their inner sex god/goddess……..

Fuck it.


Come out of your sexual shell.