The Importance of Protest

Written by Jessica Golich

Protests are sweeping the nation and solidifying courageous human being principles into the moral codes that make each and every individual strong, responsible, determined and accountable. Tension has risen as a universal sense of loss has blurred the lines of any line being beyond reason to cross. Civil disobedience is an effective tool for social change when the event of corruption stemming from the elites becomes too extreme. This world’s inhabitants are not all cut from the same bigoted cloth. There is no justification for violence, but citizen unrest and acts of peaceful defiance is an integral part of political action that is routinely denounced as utter rampage when truthfully, human beings are simply putting up a communal fight for a step forward for human and equal rights.

The basic principle and core that leaves outraged protesters assertive in their quest for equal rights from our democracy is justice. Global citizens worldwide are tired of the clapped-out status quo and are acting out rather than staying silent within the confines of their challenged and racing minds. Taking to the street en masse is far more complex than its presentation; the emotional catharsis stemming from public and social disapproval, systemic injustice and political bitterness is a direct deliverance of discontent in a congregation collected with the intent to collectively vent. Muse upon it. If human beings were to adopt and willingly accept ideologies without criticism and/or avoid seemingly uncomfortable situations in which their singular view may be opposed, education and consciousness would deteriorate into indoctrination and universal acceptance of the elite’s faulty narration.


The pure hate within an individual, that is now The President of The Unites States, demonic, cruel, ice-cold black heart has viciously imbedded further fear into a myriad of vulnerable individuals deceived by a portion of society’s perception of sexual orientation and racial discrimination. My heart, body, mind and spirit painfully aches as I muse upon hatred, discrimination, and violence directed toward any human being in relation to their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or familial status on a daily basis. And that is why I stand proud, stand tall. I get my hands dirty and acknowledge the emotional deficit our country is currently encountering as concerns of racial and ethnic affliction rises within men and women. There is no level of discrimination that will take away human beings right to assemble. Human beings must choose not to be deceived or feel ostracized from the world by acts of discrimination and prejudice that violate the values of freedom and equality.

Peaceful protests are a public platform to spill your emotional beans and raise awareness for what you believe. The least heroic action taken that is furthest from constructive is remaining mute as our political leaders skyrocket while they create further opportunities for individuals to choose to be robbed of their sense of belonging, health, wellness and pockets.

The force and intensity at peaceful protests that produces synergistic effects serves as a healing mechanism for those stifled by threats to their rights of equal opportunity and sharing their hardship with the community. This is real life. This is a communal effort that begins with each individual. Peacefully get your hands dirty. Exercise your right to speak your mind. It is no longer enough to solely question; your voice backed by conviction is your most powerful weapon.