The Power of Nothingness.

Written by Jessica Golich


I am here. I feel as though I have plugged my ripened self into an electrical circuit dishing out a rousing surge of the mental weightlessness of the womb. I am directly aware and intentionally aligned with the sharpening of my five senses and consciously directing my mind toward the release of oxytocin and endorphins. I glow in the morning sun as strands of daylight penetrate uncharted inner waters and enliven an intellectual extravaganza unfurling like the birth of a galaxy. I tear the seams of my scars, sew up my excruciating wounds and am consequently more in tune. I enthusiastically invite the sultry, crisp air to whisper secrets to my fluorescent cloak as I walk around this splendidly lush world and witness neoteric phenomenoms occur. I metamorphose beyond superficial ossifying psychological confines and soar free into an open and nameless sky. I am a treasure chest abounding with gold releasing bioluminescent flying jewels throughout the enchantedly captivated room. I cognitively develop beyond a looping state of mind as the heavenly chorus expressed by crepuscular creatures serves as a calculating teacher. I drown in an atmosphere of omnipotence and intimately touch my silky skin. My neurons are aglow as the exquisitely ripe and deliciously tart apple of my eye breathes a sensation of the purest truth onto the canvas of my enshrined mind. I wander without armor and acknowledge that one day this body will indeed morph into a corpse which does not frighten me in the slightest as instinctual bliss ripples through my being like crest waves under a kaleidoscope moon. My body evaporates akin to the dew after dawn and an abundance of mischief dances in my eyes as my authorial energies shift into a state of utter relaxation through soothing theta brain wave stimulation. I travel through a state of chimerical euphoria sprouting from my choice of self-isolation. I feel as though I have ingested a powerful hallucinogen unanimously indenting stars into my ensorcelled esoteric reservoirs. I effortlessly describe the bounds of ellipsoids while playing with a child’s toy and answering the call of the void. I taste the fruit of surrender and my effervescent spirit glitters like calcite as I drown my bloodstream in dopamine; serenity rushes through my veins and the rush of the day floats away as I internally fly into the warmth of the bluest sky and stretch my mind beyond the confines of time. I float in a vast sea of oneness while breathing life and internally plunging deeper into the abyss of nothingness.


I am riding the natural high I have derived from my mind excursioning into a completely blank state while floating in a sensory deprivation tank. I have purified and rebooted my senses; the crystal clear clarity stemming from the infinite gray mass has kicked my muse into high gear. There is a boundless world of experience deriving from kaleidoscopic fusions of inner and outer sources available to each and every individual; and conjointly, there are a plethora of souls faced with a choice to bear their genuine, vulnerable and nourished natures. The dust of the tangible has taught me that each individual has a choice to live internally tantamount to a brand spanking new hardtop convertible. You are a once in a lifetime sight; burst like a supernova into the night. You possess the switches, electrical supply system, gauges, meters, ignition, head lights, tail lights, starter and battery; claim your mastery. You are the fully loaded vehicle.