The Reality of Ethnic Profiling.

By Jessica Golich

Like it or not, you are always being judged. Period. The way that you carry yourself, look, speak, walk and dress puts you under the irrational and judgmental microscope every single day. Religious and ethnic profiling habitually boxes multicultural individuals into a grouping separate from American citizens. The feeling of alienation and a moderated sense of citizenship systematically and roughly closes doors of opportunity and experience in the face of individuals who have immigrated from other countries or choose to live a certain ethnic lifestyle. Due to the knee-jerk discriminatory examples routinely set by TSA agents “following” government policies, the social, collective and economic cost of racial and ethnic profiling is widespread and often ignorantly ignored.

As I was recently waiting for a flight in a packed lobby at Laguardia airport, I observed an Arab-American woman sitting alone and being looked at suspiciously by an oncoming frenzied business man. There were few seats available in the lobby designated for this flight, and two of the empty seats happened to be next to this particular Arab-American woman. The narrow-minded pricks prejudices lead him to a stress-filled outbreak of hostility and the muttering of a bigoted comment under his breath about the woman’s religious preference and attire. The woman sat still in silence and the frenzied imbecile finally sat his dogmatic ass down next to the woman. I know that rocking the social boat in a jam-packed New York City airport at 6:00pm is not the wisest choice I can make, but, here I am; a so-called privileged American citizen witnessing “Islamophobia” in action and watching a woman being victimized while passive bystanders stand still in fear and remain silent. So, I jumped out of my seat from a row behind (do not praise me for this), planted my ass on the opposite seat that was available next to the woman, leaned over to the dipshit and put the spotlight on his behavior. I asked the jackass if he was aware of the potential social and psychological harm he may have caused this woman due to his own anxiety and anguish. Let’s just say that the motherfucker looked me dead in the eye for a good ten seconds, and did not say a fucking word.

It is fucking pitiful that our bureaucracy is one that encourages “tips” to be made anomalously to avoid social conflict or an interference with entry onto a flight. I will firmly state I am not a fan of organized religion, but I do know that an individual facing discrimination and being subjected to backlash in public due to the wearing of a hijab is a sickening incident of discrimination that has to be turned into an opportunity to educate the narrow-minded attacker. The control and manipulation of American Citizens by the precious “Transportation Security Administration” silences, influences and intimidates vulnerable civilians as they rest both of their hands on our crouches. Low-skill and poorly qualified TSA “agents” profiling and subjecting individuals using “security concerns” as an excuse to send ethnically diverse individuals through secondary screening processes has created adversarial tension and a socially acceptable form of discrimination in the form of a teeter-tottering castle of shit. Invasive TSA screening has become nothing more than an “entertaining” show and poor influence for brainwashed on-comers preparing their speech for the employed morons who don’t know their right from left. My message to TSA agents is to shove their hand-held metal detectors up their ass. Has my name been added to “the list” yet?

We live in a country where a four-year old’s stuffed animal is a “threat” to national security and TSA body scanners (human microwaves) serve negatively to an individual’s health while showcasing naked images of the traveler to the almighty TSA staff. Bastards abusing their microscopic sliver of power and taking their sweet ass time at the airport while they treat certain individuals like cattle in front of hundreds of people has detrimentally damaging effects on the overall cultural humanity of The “United” States and the future of children witnessing this “cordial” profiling from afar. Each and every human beings experiences, opinions, and reactions to situations are molded by factors as countless as the stars in the sky. Race, class, sexuality, gender, attractiveness, intelligence, disability and religion; the moment esteemed government officials reduce an individual to the sum of their traits is the moment the government collectively fails at looking at an individual as a living, breathing human fucking being.

Every bimbo with a badge does not require ass-kissing. Don’t just stand there in anguish. Respond to every-day bigotry.