Welcome to the Street, Snap Inc. | Wall Street Sponge

By Jon Lin

At slightly over five years of age, Snapchat is the youngest and hottest of the tech start-ups yet to IPO. With over 10 billion daily video views and more than 100 million daily users, the company that said no to a $3 billion all-cash offer from Facebook, has now rebranded as Snap Inc. and is targeting a new market. Its main focus according to its official Twitter page, is to continue as a camera company, a much different path than the one Facebook or more recently Twitter took on the way to an initial public offering back in 2012 and 2013, respectively. As rumors spread about the company potentially going public in late 2016 or early 2017, let’s take a look at the facts that really make Snap Inc. and its most popular product, Snapchat, really stand out.

4 Things You Need To Know About Snap Inc.
Snapchat logo via snapchat.com
Snapchat logo via snapchat.com

#1. Snap Inc. is already more valuable than Twitter…

At even the most conservative estimates, Snap Inc. is worth at least $16.5 billion. Twitter on the other hand, even after getting a huge boost from talks of a potential buyout currently sits at around a $16 billion market cap.

#2. And Five Times The Value of GoPro…

gopro logo
GoPro, a technology company that manufactures action cameras, would most likely be the biggest competition for Snap Inc. At a market value of $2.56 billion (less than five times the size of Snap Inc.) GoPro is only a fraction of the size of Snap Inc. but much more consistent in terms of profits. For comparison GoPro’s 2015 revenue of $1.62 billion in sales tower over Snapchat’s measly $59 million revenue in 2015, but in fairness to Snapchat, they haven’t really focused much on profits as they have on expanding.

#3. Snapchat videos get more views daily than there are people in this world

There are less than 8 billion people on planet Earth. If every single one of us were to watch a video on Snapchat, we would need an additional two billion people just to get the amount of views Snapchat gets daily.

#4. Which adds up to over 3 trillion views a year…

Or over 500X the combined viewership of the past 50 Super Bowls.