You Don’t Have to be a Kid to Play in the Snow

As the snow gently falls on the streets of New York, I take a peek out of my window to see the beauty of the wintertime. It’s my favorite time of the year and the kid in me is enthralled. However, as a young adult, I hesitate to show my enthusiasm. Am I being paranoid when I say that I’m afraid to show my affection for the first few drops of snowflakes that mark the start of this beautiful winter season? Have I grown too old to appreciate the delicate white flakes that pile up perfectly like tetris blocks on the streets of the city I love? Fuck that.


There is no age limit when it comes to enjoying yourself. No amount of accolades or pride can justify the self-restraint you’ve put on yourself every time you see a pile of snow. You’ve worked hard your whole life, hell, maybe you’ve even put a few lifetimes worth of labor into perfecting your craft. You’re the best in your industry, the go-to-person on your team, and when it comes to getting a specific task done, you get that shit done pronto. And you do a damn good job too! You’ve earned the right to relax and play! So go play! We constantly go through life worried about what our fellow man thinks of us, how they might perceive us. Life, my friend, is not that long. It’s too short to not make snow angels. We don’t get too many snowstorms here in New York, and it’s not wise to go about ignoring mother nature when she’s calling you. So listen to her and put down that cup of hot chocolate. Go outside and make that angel friend of yours that you haven’t seen in years. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.